The 15 minutes concept in present in many ways in the World Cities Report 2022 de UN-HABITAT.

“As a pathway to sustainable urban futures, urban planning can create sustainable neighbourhoods drawing on lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. There is renewed focus on compact, mixed-use neighbourhoods and the use of non-motorized transport such as cycling and walking. During this period the “15-minute city” emerged as an important concept in making cities more sustainable.” (Page 26)

“Policy points : Cities should implement best practices and policy tools such as sustainable neighbourhood planning, the 15-minute city concept and sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs) that have been effective in making cities more resilient.” (Page 180 – Chapitre 6)

Then, there is a whole sub-chapter dedicated to the 15 minute city concept : Sustainable neighbourhood planning and the 15-minute city.  This sub-chapter explains how Paris has popularised this concept and how it launched an international movement, as many big international cities aspire to follow that model. (Page 198-200 – 6.3.3.)