“Carlos Moreno, a complex system, robotics, and artificial intelligence researcher, contrasts his idea with a new vision of the “living city.” He is an Associate Professor and Scientific Director of the Paris IAE at the Panthéon Sorbonne University’s ETI (Entrepreneurship, Territory, and Innovation). Moreno is the scientific advisor to national and international personalities, including Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, which he was the Mayor’s Special Envoy for Smart Cities. In 2010, the French Republic made him a Knight of the Legion of Honor. In 2019, the French Academy of Architecture awarded him the Foresight Medal. Professor Moreno was inspired by Jane Jacobs (1916 – 2006), who proposed this concept of seeing cities as systems with their own logic and dynamism, which would evolve over time according to their use. He critiques the smart city’s techno-centric and universalist character, which erases the concept of life and people’s relationships and bio-natural systems, resulting in lifeless cities. ”

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