Urbanistica Informazione – Redefining Urban Futures: The 15-Minute City and the Global Proximity Movement – August 2023

This article by Carlos Moreno in the Italian magazine ‘Urbanistica Informazione’, in the context of the Biennale on public space held in Rome in May 2023, discusses the 15-minute […]

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Les cahiers de la Silver Economie – Comment adapter l’espace public au vieillissement ? – Avril 2023

L’article Comment adapter l’espace public au vieillissement de la population a pour but de sensibiliser aux enjeux de l’adaptation de l’espace public au vieillissement de la population. Il rappelle que […]

The Palgrave Handbook of Global Sustainability – Proximity-Based Planning and the “15-Minute City”: A Sustainable Model for the City of the Future – April 2023

With the advent of technologies within the urban setup, the concept of smart cities is booming, leading to new possibilities for dwelling into efficiency and performance of cities. However, this […]

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Energies – The Theoretical, Practical, and Technological Foundations of the 15-Minute City Model: Proximity and Its Environmental, Social and Economic Benefits for Sustainability – August 2022

Conventional and emerging paradigms of urbanism require new responses under the current circumstances, especially in relation to the integration of sustainability dimensions and technology advances. The escalating rate of urbanization, […]

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Energy Transition: Climate Action and Circularity – Urban Physics: Introducing New Assessment Tools for Climate Risk Management in Urban Environments – August 2022

One of the major challenges of the 21st century world is defined by its growing population. Accompanied by urbanization and changing climate, humanity is going to be exposed to severe […]

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Humanities and Social Sciences Communications – The ‘15-Minute City’ concept can shape a net-zero urban future – April 2022

Numerous urban models are emerging in response to climate urgencies, as pointed out in COP26, resulting in a call for urgent and deep decarbonization policies. One emerging model, responsive to […]

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