Equipamiento y Servicios Municipales – Ciudades de Proximidad: un Futuro Próximo – Juillet 2023 (Spain)

The article explores the concept of proximity cities as a solution to environmental and social challenges in urban areas. It highlights the need to rethink urban planning strategies, prioritize proximity, […]

2023-07-10T16:15:50+02:0010 July 23|Médias, Non classé|

La Nacion – Quien es el hombre detrás de la idea de vivir a 15 minutos de todo – Juillet 2023 (Argentine)

Professor Moreno discusses his work on urban transformation and his ongoing project called “48 Calles” in Buenos Aires. The project aims to create a neighborhood based on the principles of […]

2023-07-10T15:29:47+02:0010 July 23|Médias, Non classé|

The Guardian – Cities, Is the tiny little neighborhood the city of the future ? Why the hyper-local ‘15-minute city’ is gaining ground in urban planning circles – 25 janvier 2023

“The term itself was coined by Carlos Moreno, a scientist at the Sorbonne who first promoted la ville du […]

2023-01-27T21:36:01+02:0025 January 23|Médias, Non classé|
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