Pr Carlos Moreno est heureux d’ouvrir cet événement organisé par l’Université d’Architecture de Santiago.

Organisateurs : Facultad de Arquitectura y Arte Universidad del Desarrollo, Enel X et Siemens.

Horaires : 11:30 – 13:50 heure locale

The Faculty of Architecture and Art at UDD together with Siemens and Enel X invite you to the XI version of the Forum “Stgo2041: Towards a city of proximity”. This time we will explore how to promote sub-centralities, reverse segregation and make the city’s opportunities closer to citizens.

We will have the participation of Carlos Moreno, Professor at IAE Paris – Sorbonne University, Advisor to the Mayor of Paris and author of the concept “15 minutes city”. In addition, along with the Governor of the Metropolitan Region, Claudio Orrego and a series of guests and specialists we will explore how to make Santiago a city of neighborhoods where opportunities for work, education, commerce and services are closer to its citizens.

In this opportunity, we will also introduce a digital visualizer developed by students of the UrbanLab UDD + Urbano Proyectos, which allows integrating in a single platform, all the territorial intelligence data and opportunities to enhance the sub centralities in Santiago.

11.30 12:00 Opening, Welcome from Pablo Allard and Presentation of the UrbanLabUDD platform (tool to analyze ando promote new centralities in the Santiago Metro Area) by professors Francisca Feliú and Alex Nohra.
12.00-12: 45 Presentation by Carlos Moreno: The city of proximities (16:00 to 16:45 CET)
12: 45-13: 30 Conversation panel of P. Allard, C. Moreno,  C. Orrego, C. Cerda and Claudio Inzunza. (16:45 to 17:30 CET)
13.30 13:45 Closing Remarks | Governor Claudio Orrego
13:45 13:50 End of Activity

Carlos Moreno. Special advisor on Smart City for the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo
Claudio Orrego. Governor of the Metropolitan Region
Camilo Cerda. CEO of Siemens Mobility in Chile and the Dominican Republic
Claudio Inzunza. Head of e-City, Enel X Chile
Alex Norha. Architect and Urban Planner. UDD teacher
Francisca Feliú. Industrial Designer PUCV. Architect and Professor UDD
Pablo Allard. Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Art UDD


The event will be Streamed live at UDDTV 

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