Le Professeur Moreno est invité à participer le 25 mars 2021 à 9h30 GMT à la table-ronde d’ouverture de la Building Garden Communities Conference.

Il présentera une Keynote sur le thème de la ville du quart heure en introduction du webinaire, et participera à la table-ronde d’ouverture avec d’autres experts.

Présentation de la conférence :

The Building Garden Communities Conference will be a virtual half day event discussing what garden communities should look like.

We will explore how garden communities can support their local economies, where the new opportunities to build them are.

COVID-19 and the lockdown shifted the focus of daily life, with a new emphasis placed on our immediate surroundings, outdoor space and access to key amenities. Many are now advocating for the ‘15-minute city’, but perhaps forward-thinking garden communities already been conceived with this idea in mind. What will these new communities provide to meet the needs of future residents? Will they be attractive places to live, and how can a local-focus help drive the improved health and wellbeing of their communities?

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