« Urban life and proximity at the time of covid-19 »
Author: Carlos Moreno

Publisher: Editions de l’Observatoire
Collection « And then? »
Multilingual version: French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

With climate change and its visible effects with heatwaves, air pollution – which has serious consequences on urban health, on the place of nature, water, biodiversity, and now with the viral spread of COVID-19, we are facing the imperative needs in our lifestyles.

The key question comes up over and over again: what city do we want to live in?

With the 15-minute city, the city of proximity, we want the city to become a vast network of places so that the useful time becomes lifetime. It is a different way of living, of consuming, of working, of being in the city. It means rethinking the way of getting around, of crossing the city, of exploring it, of discovering it.

Having become a concept that has spread around the world, the 15-minute city is at the heart of debates and reflections on today and tomorrow’s urban planning. This text introduces this concept and examines its various facets.

The author of « Urban life and proximity at the time of covid-19 » – Prof. Carlos Moreno – made this proposal as part of his research at the Chair “ETI, Entrepreneurship, Territory, Innovation” at IAE-Paris, University Panthéon Sorbonne (France).

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