Subject: A Personal Invitation from Carlos Moreno: Join Us as a Sambassador

Dear colleague, friend,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits and health. It’s Carlos Moreno here.

I am embarking on a new journey that I believe aligns closely with our shared values and visions for a more sustainable and humane urban future.

In the heart of this initiative is my book on the 15-Minute City, a concept I’ve devoted much work. But this journey goes beyond just a book. It’s about creating a movement, a global dialogue that reimagines how we live, work, and interact within our urban spaces. To bring this vision to life, I am inviting a group of individuals to join our Sambassadors Network.

Why you? Your voice, your influence, and your commitment to making a difference in the world are what we need to inspire change. As a Sambassador, you won’t just be promoting a book; you’ll be advocating for a philosophy, a new way of thinking about our cities and communities.

This is an opportunity for us to work closely together, share ideas, and be part of a collective effort to improve urban living. I am genuinely excited about the potential of what we can achieve together and would be honoured to have you on board as one of our pioneer Ambassadors.

I am looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with you and welcoming you personally into this meaningful venture.

With warmest regards,

Carlos Moreno

As Sambassadors, you’ll have the unique opportunity to advocate for urban sustainability and community empowerment, fostering connections that bring us closer together and enrich our daily experiences. Through your dedication, you’ll not only amplify the message of #15MinuteCitybook but also contribute to a positive shift towards more vibrant, interconnected, and fulfilling lifestyles

  • Exclusive Materials: You will receive a free copy of Carlos Moreno’s book, along with two
    additional books of your choice from a given selection.
  • Direct Interaction with the Author: Access an exclusive video dialogue with Carlos
  • Recognition and Visibility: Each Sambassador is featured prominently on the book’s official website, with a dedicated profile that includes a photo and mini-CV. This recognition not only acknowledges their contributions but also enhances their visibility within the #The15MCWileyBook community.
  • Marketing Toolkit: You will receive promotional materials, such as graphics, sample
    social media posts and promotional strategy guides.
  • Global Support Network: Sambassadors become part of a global community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for urban sustainability and community empowerment. This network provides opportunities for collaboration, support, and mutual encouragement throughout the campaign.

The role of a Sambassador encompasses various responsibilities aimed at promoting Carlos Moreno’s #The15MCWileyBook and fostering engagement within a global community. Here’s an overview:

  •  Promotion:  Sambassadors actively promote #The15MCWileyBook across social media platforms and in their respective communities. This involves sharing content, discussing key themes, and encouraging others to engage with the book.
  • Share Content: Sambassadors share original content related to #The15MCWileyBook, such as reviews, discussion threads, and multimedia posts. They creatively showcase their enthusiasm for the book’s message and encourage others to join the conversation.
  • Engagement: Sambassadors facilitate discussions and interactions surrounding #The15MCWileyBook. They respond to inquiries, spark conversations, and foster a supportive environment where readers can connect with each other and the author.
  • Feedback: Sambassadors provide valuable feedback to the central coordination team regarding promotional strategies, materials, and campaign effectiveness. They offer insights from their perspective as active promoters and community builders.
  • Representation: Sambassadors serve as representatives of #The15MCWileyBook, embodying its values and mission. They uphold the integrity of the campaign and act as advocates for the book’s message of urban sustainability and community empowerment.

Overall, the role of a Sambassador is to serve as a dedicated advocate and promoter of #The15MCWileyBook, leveraging their social influence and passion to amplify its reach and impact on a global scale.

While being a Sambassador for Carlos Moreno’s #The15MCWileyBook offers numerous benefits, there are certain conditions associated with the role. These conditions ensure that Sambassadors fulfill their responsibilities effectively and contribute positively to the promotion of the book. Here are the key conditions:

  • Commitment to Promotion: Sambassadors are expected to actively promote #The15MCWileyBook across their social media platforms and within their communities. This includes sharing content, engaging in discussions, and encouraging others to participate in the campaign.
  • Adherence to Brand Guidelines: Sambassadors must adhere to the brand guidelines provided by the central coordination team. This includes using approved branding materials, following promotional strategies outlined in the marketing toolkit, and maintaining consistency in messaging.
  • Professional Conduct: Sambassadors are expected to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully when representing #The15MCWileyBook. This includes engaging with others in a courteous manner, refraining from engaging in any form of harassment or discrimination, and upholding the integrity of the campaign.
  • Feedback and Collaboration: Sambassadors are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to the central coordination team to improve promotional strategies and materials. Additionally, they are expected to collaborate with other Sambassadors and support each other in promoting #The15MCWileyBook effectively.
  • Regular Engagement: Sambassadors are required to maintain regular engagement with the campaign throughout the active period. This includes participating in scheduled activities, responding to inquiries from the central coordination team, and actively contributing to discussions within the Sambassador community.

By adhering to these conditions, Sambassadors play a crucial role in the successful promotion of #The15MCWileyBook while upholding the integrity of the campaign and its message.

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