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Who Are we?

The Sambassadors are a passionate global community bringing the”15-Minute City” concept to life. This influential collective unites voices across disciplines – urban planners, academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs, activists, artists and community organizers.

What brings us together is a shared belief that together we can transform how we experience and build cities.

From diverse backgrounds and cities around the globe, we leverage our unique personal and professional platforms to authentically inspire actions that make the “15-Minute City” a reality. Through creativity and collaboration, we aim to spark meaningful discussions and drive localized change.

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What can I do ?

Becoming a Sambassador means using your talents and influence to creatively amplify the “15-Minute City” philosophy in impactful ways. The opportunities are endless:

Here are potential Sambassador activities ordered from lowest effort to highest :

Low Effort

• Share pre-written social media posts about the book on your channels

• Leave a review for the book on major retail sites like Amazon

• Participate in online book discussion forums and communities

• Repost/share book quotes, graphics and teasers from official channels

• Host a virtual book club meeting or livestream discussion

• Share the opportunity to become a sambassador

Moderate Effort

• Record and share video testimonials, book recaps or reactions

• Promote the book on your podcast, YouTube channel or newsletter

• Organize giveaways or contests centered around the book

• Collaborate on promotional content with other Sambassadors

Higher Effort

• Speak about the book at local events or organizations

• Distribute printed promotional materials

• Pitch the book for inclusion in academic curricula or training programs

• Host an in-person book club, meetup or panel discussion

• Create supplementary learning materials like workbooks or video courses

The key is leveraging your skills – writing, art, public speaking, community organizing, content creation, etc. – to authentically promote the book in innovative ways that resonate with your unique audience and personal brand.

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