The Brussels Times – ’15-minute neighbourhoods’: Flanders’ plan to restart local economies -14 July 2020

A Flemish plan to introduce so-called 15-minute neighbourhoods, where everything one needs on a daily basis is within 15 minutes’ reach, is looking to follow on from other cities across […]

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TheCityFix – More Bicycles, Slower Speeds, a More Livable City: Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Plans an Ambitious Second Term – 15 July 2020

Hidalgo’s “15-minute city” is a strong break with traditional modern urbanism. Her vision is boldly mixed-use, with employment, commercial, social and cultural activities all existing in close proximity to […]

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hindustantimes – Shorter walks, bicycle rides: All you need to know about ‘15-minute city’ Covid-19 recovery plan – 16 July 2020

The ‘15-minute city’ plan has been floated by C40 Cities, an international coalition of urban leaders. This will make the lives of people more convenient, less stressful and more sustainable, […]

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The Times of India – Coronavirus recovery plan: What is ’15-minute city’ concept? – 16 July 2020

A coalition of 96 mayors/elected city representative, known as  C40 cities, pitched for implementation of a “15-minute city” concept as part of a large Covid-19 economic recovery plan. Read more […]

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