Les Métropoles à l’heure des villes monde et ses défis (EN, FR, ESP)

In just a few weeks urban areas around the world have had their levels of fragility put to the test. Hurricane Harvey ravaged the United States of America, leaving behind […]

Canicule : Non, on ne peut pas télécharger la fraîcheur ! (EN, FR, ES)

Heatwave: no, coolness can’t be downloaded!

Climate change scenarios are forecasting that heatwaves will become more intense, more frequent, and last longer. Hot days and hot nights are also expected […]

Une ville humaine et ouverte vers le monde, au cœur de l’intelligence urbaine (EN, FR, ES)

We are approaching the 3rd decade of the 21st century. Between large-scale ubiquity, with its corollary of the possibility of simultaneous presence anywhere and anytime, all-out urbanisation making city-dwellers the […]

Vie urbaine au XXIème siècle : de « l’anthropocène » à « l’anthropollucène » (EN, FR, ES)

The success of the international space station (ISS) is now revealed to the public through the stunning photographs taken during the mission of every part of the planet. The French […]