Le Professeur Moreno est invité à intervenir le 28 mai avec une keynote lors du 24h World Tour organisé par Women In Tech.

La Keynote est programmée à 19h30 et portera sur la thématique suivante « The living city in a post-pandemic world ».

Présentation de Women In Tech et WIT 24hour Virtual World Tour :

Today more than ever Women are Taking up Space. Female astronauts have recently succeeded in an all-women spacewalk and courageous women all around the world are taking up the space they need to thrive in their professional and private lives.

During the Women in Tech 24hour Virtual World Tour we will meet international leaders who are championing their industries from AI to Blockchain, FemTech, Climate Change and even SexTech!

We are living through unprecedented times, where our physical space is being challenged and confined, regardless of gender, age or nationality. Let’s open the discussion on how Humanity can take up Space in a more sustainable and inclusive manner for our future.

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