La journaliste Kaley Overstreet a publié un article dans l’Arch Daily le 15 janvier 2021 sur le thème de la Ville du ¼ d’heure.

Extrait : « Think about the city or town where you live. How long does it take you to get to the grocery store on foot? Is your school or work close enough to walk to? What about a public park, a doctor’s office, a daycare, or any other places that you visit on a daily basis? While some cities have already considered what it means to live near all of these necessities, others are revamping their urban planning strategies and designing their neighborhoods to be more pedestrian-friendly with the concept of a “15-Minute City”. »

Partially inspired by the work of Jane Jacobs, who viewed neighborhoods as social connectors, the idea behind 15-minute cities was developed by Carlos Moreno, a Sorbonne professor who aimed to improve the urban quality of life.

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