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Emprendedores – La ciudad de los 15 minutos + Tiendología: el secreto que impulsa el comercio de proximidad – 7 février 2023


“Alcanzar esta “territorialidad feliz” en la ciudad de los 15 minutos va aparejada a otros tres conceptos acuñados también por Carlos […]

2023-03-07T15:10:25+02:007 February 23|Médias|

Kingnewswire – Carlos Moreno, Expert of smart cities and cities in general, his life in a nutshell – 27 janvier 2023

“Considering climate change, it is no longer possible to continue to live the same urban lifestyle. Following his beliefs, he has always probed multiple disciplines and spheres of activity in […]

2023-02-01T12:27:19+02:0027 January 23|Médias|

The Hudson Weekly – “Multi-Award Winner, Carlos Moreno Set an Example for Future Entrepreneurs” – 26 janvier 2023

“Carlos Moreno created the 15-minute city concept with an active social conscience and scientific knowledge for the benefit of people and the world. Moreno’s dedication to his work led him […]

2023-02-01T12:53:04+02:0026 January 23|Médias|

The Guardian – Cities, Is the tiny little neighborhood the city of the future ? Why the hyper-local ‘15-minute city’ is gaining ground in urban planning circles – 25 janvier 2023

“The term itself was coined by Carlos Moreno, a scientist at the Sorbonne who first promoted la ville du […]

2023-01-27T21:36:01+02:0025 January 23|Médias, Non classé|

The Big Issue – “Scotland aims to cut car use by creating ’20-minute neighbourhoods’ in net zero push” – 23 janvier 2023

The Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly approved a new national planning framework that prioritises the creation of “20-minute neighbourhoods” where residents can access […]

2023-01-27T20:54:42+02:0023 January 23|Médias|
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