Forbes a publié un article sur la ville du ¼ d’heure le 21 janvier.

« Based on the “segmented city” ideas suggested by Carlos Moreno, the “city of fifteen minutes” will include making key thoroughfares in Paris inaccessible to motor vehicles; turning currently traffic-choked intersections into pedestrian plazas, and creating “children streets” next to schools. »

« The Ville Du Quart D’Heure concept is based on Moreno’s idea of “chrono-urbanism,” or having amenities, jobs, and shopping close to home. This means “changing our relationship with time, essentially time relating to mobility,” says Moreno. »

« Rather than building out-of-town shopping malls, the 15-minute city would feature “hyper proximity,” with accessibility to “essential living needs” always close at hand, and certainly within short walking or cycling distances. Moreno observes that cities are “still driven by the paradigm of the oil era and its impact on roads and general urban planning” but that the “era of omnipresent cars” is coming to an end.

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