“Anne Hidalgo was re-elected mayor of Paris under the innovative banner of the “15-minute city,” which she herself defined as the “Big Bang” of proximity. “It represents a fundamental transformation in the way the city is managed,” explained French-Colombian urban planner Carlos Moreno, Hidalgo’s advisor and author of the proposal. It is about another way of living, consuming, working and being in the city. Its essence: that everything important for our daily lives is within a 15-minute radius, on foot or by bicycle.

It also means rethinking the way individuals move around, traverse the city, explore and discover it. “With this life of proximity, we can regain time for ourselves, for our family, loved ones, neighbors, friends, and take care of the most fragile,” said Moreno the Sorbonne professor. The “15-minute city” has gained momentum around the world as a response to the climate crisis and especially to the health crisis that has forced us to limit travel and to live differently.”

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