I am pleased to announce the publication of my book « Droit de cité, de la “ville-monde” à la “ville du quart d’heure” », on November 4, 2020, by Éditions de l’Observatoire.

It is an essay which, in 179 pages takes you on a journey around the urban and territorial world in the Anthropocene era, and deciphers the key issues and the mutations accelerated by the urbanization and metropolization of the world, at a time when our life is threatened by climate change, human activity and new diseases.
I also have the pleasure of welcoming the preface by Richard Sennett, the afterword by Saskia Sassen and a small text following the introduction, by Edgar Morin, these three immense universal thinkers, who have enlighten my journey for so many years.

Explanatory video of the book Droit de cité by Prof. Carlos Moreno

The sanitary conditions will, unfortunately, limit the associated face-to-face activities that I would have had great pleasure in carrying out for the launch of the book. However, despite the uncertainties, I did not wish to postpone it to a later date. Learning to live with COVID19 also means adapting to these new situations.

We wish to facilitate access to this book by opening the order at a public price of € 18 including tax on FNAC.COM  and in local libraries.

With Éditions de l’Observatoire, we have decided to offer a 30% discount for any order of 20 copies (or more) and 40% for any order of 200 copies (or more). To benefit from it, you simply have to let us know by returning an email to DroitDeCite@moreno-web.net. Upon receipt of your request, Sandra Molnar will take care of the formalities (purchase order, delivery address and shipment tracking).

Thank you for your trust,

Good reading,

Carlos moreno

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